How to Tame a Newly Purchased Horse

Horses have different personality types just like human beings. If you are not well-acquainted with them, you better hold off the feeling of excitement in horseback riding. Horses are generally harmless but can be hostile especially to other people or when they are in a new environment. But, just like any other animal they are very much trainable although it takes quite some time. If you are a new horse owner, you better be bonded with your horse in a gradual manner and with the … [Read more...]

How to Choose the Right Horse for You

Whenever you find yourself buying something that requires a lot of money, you would want to think it over and over. Money is hard earned so it must be used for something that you can consider as an investment. Be it a house, car, home appliance, farm lot or pets, you would want to maximize your funds. On the other hand, if you are fond of horses... You should consider the following before purchasing one: Why are you buying the horse? For animal lovers, this will not be difficult to … [Read more...]

Different Horse Breed for Different Competitions

As mentioned in the previous blog entry, there are many competitions that require the suitable horse breed. This is so because the competition requires competition of horses that has similar training or characteristics with each other. Hence, it makes everything fair and equal in the playing field. There are many classification of horse competitions recognized worldwide These are: Combined Driving Dressage Endurance Riding Eventing Horseball Paralympic Reining Show … [Read more...]

Horses for sale online is a novel idea

Horses for sale is a unique website which is popularly known as a national online classified.┬áTheir main goal is to offer buyers as well as sellers with a much resourceful destination that is related to horse classifieds. They aim to provide their elite customer an incredible resource where he or she can instantly find the most optimal potential buyers or sellers of horses for sale near him or her. Horses for sale website are newly updated to allow readers enjoy the related news which is … [Read more...]