Different Horse Breed for Different Competitions

As mentioned in the previous blog entry, there are many competitions that require the suitable horse breed. This is so because the competition requires competition of horses that has similar training or characteristics with each other. Hence, it makes everything fair and equal in the playing field.

There are many classification of horse competitions recognized worldwide

These are:

  • Combined Driving
  • Dressage
  • Endurance Riding
  • Eventing
  • Horseball
  • Paralympic
  • Reining
  • Show Jumping
  • Tent Pegging
  • Vaulting

These categories are used in the Olympic Games as well as in the World Equestrian Games. There are also different clubs or organizations that use this game classification in sponsoring horse riding competition.

Horse breed can significantly contribute to how an equestrian performs in a competition. Today, there are techniques used in breeding horses. Thus, you should be smart enough to identify which horse is appropriate for your game.

Western breed horses are called American Quarter Horse

There are three groups for the western breed horse: Quarter Horse, Appaloosa and the Paint. The perfect events for these horses are: Halting, Cutting, Western Pleasure and Reining. In a Halting event, horses are not ridden but are lead into the ring.

On the other hand, Cutting competition displays the horse shoving off a herd of cattle. Meanwhile, Western Pleasure exhibits the horse in motion like walking, jumping and jogging off the obstacles.

Lastly, Reigning would show off your horse as it completely run on a circular motions thereby, stopping at the center of the coliseum and then stop after four rounds of spin.

Another breed of horse is the Quarter Horse. This kind of horse is known since the year 1600. It was called such name because it can race up to quarter of a mile which is popularly ridden by Arabs and Turks who travel long distances in the dessert.

They come in different colors and live between 25 to 30 years. Normally, Quarter Horse is popular in Sprinting categories. They are also used to compete in horse race and rodeo shows. Due to their speed, Quarter Horse is very suitable for Reining, Cutting and Driving game categories.

Another breed of horse appropriate for horse shows and horse racing is the Appaloosa. This particular type of horse is normally referred to as “Palouse” in the western region of US. An Appaloosa can only race mid-range distances.

You can easily spot an Appaloosa if you look into its circular eye and have a white portion similar to humans. Likewise, an Appaloosa has spotty skin type where they have black and white spots in the nose and genitalia areas.

Lastly, Appaloosa’s hoops are narrow with stripes of black and white. It can live up to 30 years.

Lastly, the colored version of Quarter Horse is the Paint Horse

They are called such because they come in different colors — black and white, brown and white, buckskin and white, chestnut and white and gray and white. Maintenance of a Paint Horse can be quite tedious as you would want their colors stay the same for many number of years. In fact, their color is one of the many reasons why are the very nice to be showed off in many competitions. Normally, Paint Horse competes in western trail riding, horse shows and races. Paint Horse can be easily spotted as they have smaller heads, muscular structure and have three major colors namely: the tobiano, overo, and tovero.