The Most Common Mistakes Made When Buying Horses For Sale

There are few other purchases that a person can make in their life that is as emotionally charged as purchasing an animal. Whether you are purchasing a horse for sale, or any other animal, you are not simply trading money for a commodity, you are investing in a lifelong emotional connection.

This article is going to cover some of the most common mistakes that people make when they buy horses for sale. By reading this article and following the advice therein you can ensure that your horse buying experience will be a positive and uplifting one.

Older Horses

There are many first-time horse buyers who feel that the older a horse is the less of it they will be able to enjoy. For many the idea of getting less for the same amount of money is enough of a turn off to avoid older horses altogether.

The fact is however, that older horses may be the best investment that a person can make, particularly if they are first-time horse owners. Older horses bring with them experience. This experience gives an edge to these horses when working with first-time horse riders.

Many horse riding training camps will pair their beginning writers with older more experienced horses. These older horses are more comfortable with human beings and don’t respond as sensitively to the poor horse management skills of many beginning riders.

Untrained Horses

Along the same lines, there are many who believe that they have the skill to train an untrained horse. Horses for sale that are not trained fall into two camps. The first group are those horses that are being bought and sold between highly experienced horse trainers or horse breeders and the second are those horses that are too difficult to be trained by the owner.

Even if you have years of experience as a horse rider, training a horse requires extreme time and financial investment. Unless you are willing to pour more money into the original purchase price of the horse to bring the horse to the level that you are looking for, purchasing an untrained horse for sale is never a good idea.

We certainly don’t want to fall into any generalizations about what type of horse rider you might be, but it is valuable to consider what kind of investment goes into training a horse.

Buying A Horse For Its Looks

More horses are bought this way than any other logical method. Unfortunately, those individuals who purchase horses because of the color of the coat or the pattern of the breed often find that the personalities do not match the external beauty of the horse.

When purchasing a horse for sale, it is more important to research the breed’s personality type and behavioral patterns than it is to simply base your decision off of the color of the coat. While a paint horse may be incredibly gorgeous to look at, or an Arabian horse might be the horse of your dreams, each and every breed of horse has a very different temperament and personality that you must be aware of before purchasing.


By following the simple tips in this article you can avoid many of the common mistakes made by those people who look to purchase horses for sale.

Buying a horse is an incredible experience and it is one that you should approach with emotional sensitivity and sound financial planning. Horses are an investment and more than being a physical commodity they are an emotional investment.

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